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Bird Watching Hotspots in Belize
Bird Watching Hotspots in Belize
The diverse landscape of Belize offers a wide variety in bird watching in Belizebird watching in Belize locations, ranging from broadleaf forests to wetlands, mangroves to pine forests, and savannahs to rainforest. Home to 16 endangered bird species; Belize protects these ecosystems in its many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. What is good for the bird is good for the bird watcher. Here is a list at some of Belize’s protected areas to brief you on what to look for at the best bird watching spots in the country.

Belize Bird Sanctuary
Cockscomb Basic Wildlife Sanctuary

Trekking along Belize’s most well-maintained trails through the reserve’s 128, 000 acres of lush tropical rainforest, you may glimpse the emerald toucanet, keel-billed toucan, king vulture and scarlet macaw. Although the sanctuary was originally established to preserve Belize’s endangered jaguar population, it also serves as a refuge for about 300 species of birds. Avid birders visit this preserve for all the dazzling color around the canopy, as well as spotting the most elusive of the big cats.

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

Established in 1984 by the Belize Audubon Society, this wildlife sanctuary quickly became an important refuge for water bids during the wet season and feeding birds during the dry season. As the biggest flying bird in the Americas, the five-foot-tall jabiru stork represents the largest draw for birders and birding tours. You best bet at seeing a jabiru is a boat tour of Crooked Tree when the water is low.

Caracoal Archeological Reserve

After exploring the largest and most impressive Mayan ruin, take some time to look around for the keel-billed motmot. Although considered an endangered species, this stunning little bird is a common sight at the Caracol Archeological Reserve. A glimpse of its yellow breast and brilliant sapphire tail makes for an interesting contrast with the ruins – a living beauty next to a faded glory.

Belize Wildlife Sanctuary
Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

Granite rock formations worn down by 300 million years of water, rain and wind frame the majestic falls cascading into the Rio On Pools. Above this impressive show is a hepatic tanager gliding through the air. Along the trail to the Frio Caves, songs and calls fill the forest as orange-billed sparrows and white-throated robins fly curly-cues in the air above. This reserve is a stunning natural destination, as well as a home to some of the country’s most unique bird species.

Half Moon Caye National Monument

The air is rife with the squawks and screeches of thousands of red-footed boobies nesting in the ziricote thicket of this monument. The healthy population of red-footed books leaves the ground covered in black and white feathers. These odd-looking birds are entertaining to watch, and a platform in the heart of the nesting area makes it easy for birders to get up close and personal with the birds.

Bird Watching In Belize
Observing the unique qualities of different bird species while wandering through secluded forests, marshes and grassland takes adventure travel to a whole new level. Bird watching will let you fall more deeply in love with Mother nature and appreciate her variety.

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