Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Don't Overlook These 5 Fundamentals of Article Writing

Don't Overlook These 5 Fundamentals of Article Writing
I love to compose articles, short stories, poems, book reviews, novels or news reports.

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In this short note I wish to consider some tips that should be considered if you want your post to be noticed.

1. Love it! I believe it is essential - have passion for what you're writing. There are two explanations for this. Firstly is that it is so much easier to write when you're writing about something you enjoy. Have you got a blog site? Is it filled with things that always keep you glad? Second is that readers can normally know if you are writing from the heart - passion comes across! I think that this is the key to all writing - love it and enjoy it. Possibly even when you have an assigned piece of writing - remember you promised your friend you 'd do a piece for him - get it done from a point of enjoyment. This can mean adding humor in to the post which is often successful if you know how to tell a joke; in case you don't then forget it!

2. Grab a snappy title. Keep it short and have a bit of mystery in it or lead people in to the core. Make individuals want to read it. When I was a research Physicist I had to read so many scientific papers that it made my eyes bleed! The particular content was usually great however the titles ... Having one of these experience led me to a fun method to get school students to compose Science papers; I would certainly get them to write down their report as if these folks were a sensationalist journalist! Excellent stuff - and it motivated them to learn Science further.

3. Listings. Everybody loves a list. How often do you click the link on a website when it says '10 methods to see if you have the right partner' or' 7 methods to increase your sales' or' 5 methods to meet more girls/boys'; or '50 methods to leave your lover' as Paul Simon stated. (Who is singing this in their head today?).

4. Exactly what is hot? Articles on recent subject matters will certainly get seen. It may be about the most recent fad in food, fashion, music or Science! Beware though as these posts typically have a short shelf life.

5. Paragraphs. Keep it short - people skim read and it's easier for them to stick with you if the paragraphs are short!

There are five information to work on. Did I follow my very own standards? Let me know by writing to peter@writewithpeter.com.

Compose some more however enjoy it first and foremost!

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