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Element One - Celtic Jewelry Symbols - The Triskele/ Triskelion Triple Spiral
Element One - Celtic Jewelry Symbols - The Triskele/ Triskelion Triple Spiral
For hundreds of years, the spiral has been linked with the eternal forces connected with nature, eternity and also transformation. The spiral is found in every community on this planet. It is evident in Australian Aboriginal works and also in oriental and American Indian apparel and pottery. Some of the most ancient examples of human art work are actually depictions of spirals, painted or wood into rock, often found in burial sites.

The Romans along with Greeks utilised spirals as designs and styles for vases and the columns in temples. The Celtic and Norse men and women used to be well known when it comes to the unexplained together with repetitive spiral styles found on their jewelry, clothing, weapons, and objects of worship.

The triskelion or triskele is actually a triple spiral which is thought to signify important threes to the Celts: land, sea, and sky; the basis of the Celtic cosmology; the triple god; the triple goddess - Maiden, Mother as well as Crone; and later the Holy Trinity.

The triskele or triple spiral is understood to be the oldest icon in spirituality. Archaeologists can date these particular emblems situated on rocks and scratched on standard tombs back for hundreds of years. A number of scholars have suggested that the spiral is connected to the sun. The sun throughout ancient times was considered as a celestial body with spiritual meaning. The spirals located on historical tombs seem to have been drawn in one continuing line. When the triple spirals are drawn in this fashion it is posited that this connotes life together with death.

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