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Eye Contact Of Women - Four Clues That She's Into You
Eye Contact Of Women - Four Clues That She's Into You
We've all heard the saying about the eyes being the window to her soul. Well, the eyes can also be the window to her attraction level to you. You can tell lots about what a woman is thinking or feeling if you actually focus on their eyes when they are connecting with you. In fact, the eyes can even hold signs to tell if a woman is attracted you.So listen up, pay attention, open your eyes wide and look out for these eye contact of attraction signs.

The Vertical Scan

Don't blink or you could miss this one! The vertical check out is simply the "once over." When eye contact is briefly made, her eyes will drop down and check out the rest of you from head to toe. Yes, this is the very same manner in which guys check out women, and yes, women do it too!

Be mindful of her eyes flicking downwards right after you catch her glance, because this can indicate you just caught her sneaking a peek. This is a great body language signal that says she was attracted to your face and wanted to see what else you have going on, to glimpse the full package.

If the vertical scan is followed with a little smile or if she quickly turns away to try to keep you from detecting she was checking you out, this is a sure indicator that the woman would be open to approach from you.

As soon as you meet a woman you are drawn to, make sure you turn away to offer her a chance to do her vertical scan. However, just as she is checking you out, turn abruptly and catch her in the act! This will likely leave her vulnerable and you have gained the edge.

The Horizontal Scan

So she's inspected you with the vertical scan to show her interest. After successfully approaching her and building rapport and an emotional connection, she's giving you the horizontal scan. What does this mean? This is a huge eye contact of attraction sign usually indicating that the woman would like you to kiss her.

She will examine your face, her eyes scanning yours from left to right, right to left. She is attempting to get a read on you, while at the same time, letting her eyes do the talking instead of coming straight out and asking you to kiss her. This normally takes place after the initial attraction has been made, and an emotional connection has been made.

When you pick up on the horizontal scan, it's time to move in for the kiss!

Dilated Pupils

Remember Puss in Boots with "that look?" The look that makes you go awwwww. This is what the pick up artists call the Doggy Dinner Bowl Look. This look is when the woman is so charmed to the guy that she has big dilated pupils, a slightly lowered and tilted head, and a look of anticipation which appears like a dog waiting for his dinner bowl.

This look normally involves the pupils of the eyes becoming visibly dilated. This means that the pupil becomes so huge that more black than the color is showing in the eyes. This takes place as an unconscious reaction to the attraction or excitement the woman is feeling towards you. However, it is not her dinner bowl that she is anticipating.

Remember though, pupils naturally dilate under dark or low light conditions, and in response to other stimulants such as alcohol or drugs, so be cautious if she is drunk or under the influence of something. Having said that if the situation between you and your girl is becoming more and more intimate and her pupils are dilated, it is probably in response to what is taking place between you two.

If you dare doubt the validity of this indicator, here's a quick test you can do. This test can actually be something fun you can do to catch her interest and raise your value.

Look deeply into her eyes and tell her to imagine a nasty, raunchy love scene. As she starts turning her brain to imagine something worthy, take a look at the way her pupils get larger and larger !

Eyes Widening - The OBVIOUS indicator she's into you.

This one is the most common and most obvious of the eye contact of attraction signals. When a woman feels attracted to you, she will widen her eyes. There are two reasons for this:

She likes what she sees and she wants to see more, see clearer, and with more focus. To do this, she unconsciously opens her eyes bigger.

She wants to look more attractive to you so she makes her eyes bigger, hence making herself appear prettier.

Bigger eyes is usually an attractive facial feature and all women wants to look more attractive, especially to men they're attracted to. Therefore, when she widens her eyes, it is an uncontrollable impulse on her part to appear more attractive to you. And if she wants to look prettier for you, then things are about to go all right.

Don't turn a blind eye to the window to her thinking.

Eye contact of attraction can speak volumes, so pay close attention to see what she is trying to tell you. Don't turn a blind eye to her eyes, or you will miss those signs that will make or break your chances with that stunning woman with the stunning eye contact.

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